Group Same Day RT-PCR Testing (Result within 9 p.m)

From normal price 2,990 baht. Special discount for groups. Please select the total number of people you want to test.
Price 2,590฿

02 February 2022

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RT-PCR testing services for a large number of people such as Tour Groups, Companies, Offices, Factories, Schools, Shop, etc.




How to request for Group SAME DAY COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing (Result within 9 p.m)

1) Group SAME DAY Real time RT-PCR Testing

    - Samples will be collected from nasal and throat.

    - The result and medical certificate will be ready within 8-12 hours after we collect the specimen.

    - The result and medical certificate will include all these information; your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, testing method and test result. It will also state whether you have any COVID-19 related symptoms or not.

    - We will send you the scanned COVID-19 test report and Fit to Fly Medical certificate only through the given email address within 9 p.m.

    - The COVID-19 test report and medical certificate will be issued in English.

2) The expense - Group Real time RT-PCR - The cost for this test

    - 10 - 20 People is 2,690 BHT  FREE on-site service fee

    - 21 - 50 People is 2,590 BHT  FREE on-site service fee

    - 51 - 100 People is 2,490 BHT  FREE on-site service fee

    - 101 - 200 People is 2,390 BHT  FREE on-site service fee

    - 201 People or more is 2,290 BHT  FREE on-site service fee

    - No a Fit to Fly Medical Certificate

    - You can pay online.

3) Making an appointment via (at your convenience)

    - Email         :

    - Call            : +669 6645 9541

    - Line ID      : +669 6645 9541

    - WhatsApp : +669 6645 9541

4) We will perform specimen collection (swab) every day, during these times only.

    - We will do Swab every day in the morning from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ONLY!!! for results within 9 p.m. daily. (Repeat, for SAME DAY, you must swab during this time only.)

     (This service date and time apply to Group SAME DAY RT-PCR Testing services only)

5) Appointment Process

    1. Send a photo of the first page of your passport.

    2. Send your information as follows:

        2.1 Name-surname according to Passport

        2.2 Flight Schedule

        2.3 Appointment date and time

    3. Do you want a fit to fly medical certificate?


    Example: Make an appointment for a Group SAME DAY RT-PCR test at (Your Hotel)

      Send information as follows


      John Lorem Doe

      Flight to Japan is on October 22nd at 11 A.M.

      Appointment for a Group SAME DAY PCR test on October 21st at 9:00 A.M. at Marriott's Mai Khao Beach Club 

      Yes, I also need a fit to fly medical certificate.


Please Making an appointment via



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