Promotion Rapid Antigen Testing (Result 15-20 Min)

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(Price RT-PCR 500 + Fit to Fly Medical Certificate 200) Choose where to take the Rapid Antigen test.
Price 590฿

19 December 2021

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How to request for COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing (Result 15-20 Min)

At The Tourist Clinic (Patong Phuket) - Paweena International Clinic (Mouang Phuket)

 * Carefully read travel regulation/requirement from the destination country and airline to determine which type of test is needed and how many hours prior the flight. Determine which type of certificate that you will need for the trip (based on country and airline regulation)


1) COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test

    - Please note that ONLY some airlines and countries accept COVID-19 rapid antigen test. If you're going to get Antigen test on your trip, you'll want to check it out first. both the country of destination, the airline, including the country where you made the transit, if you can't check clearly We will recommend you to take the RT-PCR test because you can use it to travel around the world.

    - Sample will be collected from the nasal only.

    - The result and medical certificate(Option) will be ready within 5-20 minutes after we collect the specimen.

    - The result and medical certificate will include all these information; your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, testing method and test result. It will also state whether you have any COVID-19 related symptoms or not.

    - In case the positive result of rapid antigen test, you will need to be confirmed with real time RT-PCR which the expense will be on you.

    - The COVID-19 test report and medical certificate will be issued in English

2) The expense - Promotion COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test 

    - The cost for this test is 590 BHT  (Include fit to fly medical certificate)

    - You can pay online or you will need to pay on the day you visit us at clinic.

3) Making an appointment via (at your convenience)

    - Email         :

    - Call            : +669 6645 9541

    - Line ID      : +669 6645 9541

    - WhatsApp : +669 6645 9541

4) We will perform specimen collection (swab) every day, during these times only.

    4.1) The Tourist Clinic (Patong Phuket)

            - Everyday   : at  8:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.

    4.2) Paweena International Clinic (Mouang Phuket)

           - Monday – Saturday   : at  8.00 A.M. –   9.00 P.M.

           - Close Sundays

5) Appointment Process

    1. Send a photo of the first page of your passport.

    2. Send your information as follows:

        2.1 Name-surname according to Passport

        2.2 Flight Schedule

        2.3 Appointment date and time

    3. Do you want a fit to fly medical certificate?


    Example: Make an appointment for a Promotion Rapid Antigen test at The Tourist Clinic

      Send information as follows


      John Lorem Doe

      Flight to Japan is on October 21st at 9 P.M.

      Appointment for a Promotion Antigen test on October 21th at 1:00 P.M. at The Tourist Clinic

      Yes, I also need a fit to fly medical certificate.


Please Making an appointment via


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